I write songs and poems and books and stuff

I'm just a 29 year old guy who likes words. I was the kid who geeked out over studying poetic meter and alliteration in high school. My favorite parts of my 10 years of undergrad and graduate studies were writing long papers. I've been playing music for 16 years now, and I fell in love with it all over again two years ago when I started writing lyrics for my own work. I've got a not-quite-finished book manuscript on my hard drive. Recently, I started writing poetry.

I've got two and a half degrees in theology and Biblical studies. I live and work in the Middle East with orphans and Syrian refugees. I'm learning Arabic and working on yet another degree in Middle Eastern studies.

If you want to check out my music, you can find me below, but this page isn't for marketing or publicity. It's just for words. Words are good.

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Yearning for knowledge and embracing the unknowable is wholeness. The wise man practices both knowing and unknowing.

Tao te Ching


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