I'm a seminary graduate, a Christian Anarchist, a writer, a poet, a songwriter, and a wannabe author. I live and work with Syrian orphans in the Middle East. I also run a podcast, "A Christian Reads the Tao te Ching," which you can find in the menu bar.

I blog here about faith and spirituality, singleness, Christian Anarchism, evangelical cultural critiques, the Tao te Ching, and anything else that promotes presence, patience, and peace. (I also shared my poetry a lot in the past, although not so much anymore.)

I regularly post at least twice per week, so if you like any of this, please check back often. And if you don't, maybe you'll like what comes along next. Subscribe on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email at the link above, and don't forget to share.  You can find a categorized list of all previous posts and poems in the Posts Index.

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