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I live my life in a widening orbit

I live my life in a widening orbit,

it seems like the center is God.

The widening always includes what's before it,

yet hungrily grasps as stardust implores it -

I live my life in a widening orbit.

Tilted, uneven, the circle is flawed,

the center offset - I promptly ignore it.

I live my life in a widening orbit,

the uncentered Center still God.


Inspired by Rilke's Book of Hours:

I live my life in widening circles

that reach out across the world.

I may not compete this last one

but I give myself to it.

I circle around God, around the primordial tower.

I've been circling for thousands of years

and I still don't know:

am I a falcon, a storm, or a great song?

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Although I am no longer actively blogging, I am currently working on developing my career as an orchestral/cinematic composer under the stage name Between the Rains. You can find a selection of my music as well as my contact info for custom requests on my demo reel.

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