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The I and the Thou

This hastily scribbled poem is a meditation on Martin Buber's I-and-Thou relationship. Knowing this is a blog about faith and spirituality, it may be tempting to read this poem as being about God, but it was written with human-to-human relationships in mind. We can only be truly human in subject-to-subject, and not subject-to-object, relationships.

I am

more than a page-count

more than a personality type

more than a medical exam

more than the sum of my experiences

more than a thinker, a speaker, a do-er

But without You,

I am not.

You are

more than a thing

to be looked at

to be talked at

or even to be listened to.

You are more than I could comprehend,

yet if I did not try to comprehend You,

You would not be You.

You and I


is greater than

you + me.

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Although I am no longer actively blogging, I am currently working on developing my career as an orchestral/cinematic composer under the stage name Between the Rains. You can find a selection of my music as well as my contact info for custom requests on my demo reel.

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