I'm giving you my nothing

When you encounter someone who is suffering but have nothing to give, give them your nothing, for that may be exactly what they need. After all, when God created the world the main ingredient was nothing. Isn't that something? -David W. Jones


I'm giving you my nothing,

I've nothing else to give.

Hopefully my nothing

is something.

I'm giving you my empty,

I've nothing else to give.

Hopefully my empty

is full.

I'm giving you my darkness,

I've nothing else to give.

Hopefully my darkness

is light.

I'm giving you my weakness,

I've nothing else to give.

Hopefully my weakness

is strength.

I'm giving you my silence,

I've nothing else to give.

Hopefully my silence

is loud.

All the loud things used to be silent.

All the strong things used to be weak.

All the light things used to be dark.

All the full things used to be empty.

All the somethings used to be nothings.

I'm giving you my nothing.

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