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Life is Full


in the middle of a so-called "empty" moment

I stop.

And life is full.

Full of grace, full of wonder at the place I ended up.

And I wonder if my younger brain had known it

I might have thrown it headlong into oncoming traffic.

And after, for good measure, passed it through a shredder.

Laugh if you want but after all what happened happened

and I think it happened for the better.

Either way, it doesn't matter.

Wait ... what doesn't matter? You see, I do this. I start a sentence and before you know it I've lost track, mind running back and forth like a Mad Hatter on simultaneous LSD and speed.

Oh yeah ...


in the middle of a so-called "empty" moment

I stop ...

but then there's that thing about that thing about that other thing

thinking, thinking ... wait...

Sometimes, in the middle ...

Oh! That's what it was! I forgot about -

Oh, the phone's ringing.

"Yeah, of course I remember!" (I don't)

"Yeah, I'll be there in five." (I won't)

"Oh, the thing? Yeah, I'll bring it." (I did have it at one point, but now it's directly below my nose, so I should find it in about fifteen minutes)

Sometimes ... oh, shit! Now isn't sometime. Now is prime time.

Suit up and make your bravest face.

You've got quite a day ahead of you, my not-so-young brain,

and if you still want to be tossed in front of a train or traffic

then seize the day! Carpe diem, memento mori,

you know, all that Latin shit that really impressed your professors,

but right now you better get on with it.

Sometimes, in the middle of a so-called "busy" moment

I stop.

And life is full.

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Although I am no longer actively blogging, I am currently working on developing my career as an orchestral/cinematic composer under the stage name Between the Rains. You can find a selection of my music as well as my contact info for custom requests on my demo reel.

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