It's easy to live with an "other"

It's hard to live with another

But it's easy to live with an "other."

the Blacks, the Whites,

the Reds, the Blues,

the Crosses, the Crescents,

the Gentiles, the Jews,

the boys, the girls,

the slaves, the free,

the rich, the poor,

the citizens, the refugees.

Isn't life just one big locker room

or playground or cafeteria?

Where security demands sacrifice (not our own)

where the patently unpopular are crucified alone

to keep us together.

Sacrificial lambs aren't hard to come by,

just look for the black sheep.

They bleed the best blood

to keep the rest of us clean

and pacified.

It's easy to live with an other.

Painting credit: Rosa Gunasingha

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