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The beginning of what?

In the beginning - the beginning of what?

Of everything.

When the first notes of the cosmic symphony,

the song of the universe,

rang out of the silence,

and the only one to hear

was the Spirit of God,

the selfsame Spirit who floated over the waters - or below them -

it's hard to tell the difference because there wasn't one.

In the beginning it all was waiting to be made.

The beginning of what?

Of everything.

Except God.

But it was the beginning of God as we can describe God.

There's no way to say how God is, was, or would be

apart from relationship-to-everything,

so, for our limited minds, it was the beginning of God.

The only word we have for God-before-us for God-before-God for God-before-everything

is Spirit.

The Spirit - a not quite tangible wind above and beneath a not quite tangible sea

that the Scripture so awkwardly calls formless and void before she speaks into being all that will be.

Formless and void?

Pointless emptiness darker than the darkest darkness.

The starkest contrast with everything we could ever know.

The attrition of nonexistence.

It's almost unimaginable.

This was the beginning.

The beginning of what?

Of everything.

And in this sea of entropy the Spirit suddenly speaks:

"Light, be!" "Just as I AM, so you too shall be."

Somehow space was created for something other than the Maker

and an enormous explosion of energy,

a big bang brighter than the naked eye can see

burst forth.

This was no mechanical causality

but the expression of a markedly particular personality:

The Trinity.

A triple singularity that freely - and three-ly

decision-makes to limit his own self-autonomy

expressing her own creativity

by giving some of their own "freedom to be"

to each piece of Creation

from the greatest to the least

from the humans to the beasts

from the waters to the trees

from heaven to hell.

How else could God make something that is not God-self?

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